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Adding the handset to your telephone base
To register a handset to your telephone base:
Make sure the handset is out of the
telephone base or charger and alternately
shows 1.Press HS LOC on base 4 sec and
2.Then press # on handset before you
begin the registration.
Press and hold HANDSET LOCATOR on
the telephone base for about four seconds
(until the IN USE light on the telephone
base is on) and then release the button.
Press # (pound key) on the handset. The
screen shows Registering...Please wait.
It takes up to one minute to complete
the registration. HANDSET registered
and then HANDSET X appears on
the screen, with X being the handset
number (1-5) and the handset beeps.
The handset is now registered with the
telephone base.
If the registration is not successful, the
handset screen shows Registration failed.
Please start again from step 1 above.
NOTE: You cannot register a handset if any other
system handset is in use.
Please wait
Adding and registering a handset
1.Press HS LOC
on base 4 sec
2.Then press #
on handset