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Owner's of the Casio Electronic Keyboard WK225 gave it a score of 2.7 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
  • Reliability

    2.0 out of 5
  • Durability

    2.5 out of 5
  • Maintenance

    3.0 out of 5
  • Performance

    2.5 out of 5
  • Ease of Use

    3.5 out of 5
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General Guide
The tone and other parameters revert to their initial
defaults whenever you turn on power (page E-10).
Perform the following procedure when you want to return the
Digital Keyboard’s stored data and settings to their initial
factory defaults.
Turn off the Digital Keyboard.
While holding down
(SONG BANK) and the
[1] 10-key (
) key at the same time, press
(SONG BANK) and the [1] 10-key (
) key
depressed until the next step is complete.
When the message “Pls wait” appears on the
screen, release
(SONG BANK) and the [1]
10-key (
) key.
You will be able to use the Digital Keyboard in a short
while after its system is initialized.
See “Turning on Power and Playing” (page E-10) for
information about turning digital power on and off.
Function Display
1 Transpose Trans. E-17
2 Accompaniment Volume AcompVol E-42
3 Song Volume Song Vol E-30
4 Touch Response Touch E-12
5 Tuning Tune E-17
6 Reverb Reverb E-16
7 Chorus Chorus E-16
8 Sampling SAMPLING
Automatic Sampling Start AutoStrt E-25
Automatic Sampling Stop AutoStop E-25
Sampled Tone Protect (Protect) E-26
9 Step Up Lesson LESSON
Voice Fingering Guide Speak E-34
Note Guide NoteGuid E-35
Performance Evaluation Scoring E-35
Phrase Length PhraseLn E-35
10 Preset Scales SCALE E-55
11 Other Settings OTHER
Arpeggiator Hold ArpegHld E-57
Pedal Effect Jack E-17
Accompaniment Scale AcompScl E-56
LCD Contrast Contrast E-12
12 MIDI Settings MIDI
Keyboard Channel Keybd Ch E-60
Navigate Channels Navi. Ch E-60
Local Control Local E-61
Accomp Out AcompOut E-61
13 Delete DELETE
Sampled Sound Delete (tone name) E-26
User Rhythm Delete (rhythm name) E-47
User Song Delete (song name) E-58
All Data Delete All Data E-58
Returning the Digital Keyboard to
Its Factory Default Settings