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Battery Operation
In the event that battery power is completely depleted, HardWire pedals
automatically switch into bypass. This eliminates the need to remove the
pedal from your pedal chain if the battery is dead. To replace the battery, do
the following:
Using the tip of a 1/4” guitar cable, push in one of the Release Pins in on
either side of the Foot Switch, and remove it from the pedal chassis.
Remove the battery from the battery compartment and disconnect the
battery cable.
Connect a new battery to the battery cable and put it back in the bat-
tery compartment. Make sure the battery cable does not interfere with
the spring or pedal switch arm.
Place one hole of the Foot Switch over its corresponding pin.
Push the opposite pin in and lower the other side of the Foot Switch
into place over the depressed pin. Release the pin. When the Foot