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635N/D, 635N/D-B
General Description:
Technical Specifications:
Key Features:
Neodymium (N/DYM
) Magnet Provides
Greater Output than with Standard Ferric
Rugged Design
Choose Nonreflecting Fawn Beige or
Semigloss “Camera” Black
Comes Complete with Stand Adapter
The Electro-Voice® 635N/D and 635N/D-B dynamic omni
directional microphones are offspring of the legendary 635A
microphone. Built with the same rugged design of the 635A,
the 635N/D and 635N/D-B offer a neodymium N/DYM
magnet structure for greater sensitivity. Designed for
increased ruggedness to meet the demands of exacting
professional applications, the 635N/D’s and 635N/D-B’s
are ideally suited for electronic news production (ENG),
electronic field production (EFP), television, film and radio
remotes and demanding PA applications.
The microphone’s Acoustalloy
diaphragm permits a very
smooth response over a wide frequency range, yet it
withstands high humidity and temperature extremes,
corrosive effects of salt air and severe mechanical shocks.
The diaphragm is protected from dust and magnetic
particles by a carefully designed integral windscreen and
blast filter. The windscreen provides excellent protection
from wind noise, excessive sibilance and annoying
“P-popping.” This helps minimize the need for an external
windscreen for outdoor use.
The 635N/D comes in nonreflecting fawn beige; the 635N/
D-B comes in semi gloss black for “on camera” use. The
increased output level and low sensitivity to mechanical
shock make the 635N/D and 635N/D-B excellent for
interviews, sporting events, special effects and voice-overs.
Both microphones come with the 311 stand adapter.