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Key Features:
Reduced proximity effect
Effective internal pop protection
Little off-axis coloration
Hum-bucking coil and steel case offer
excellent hum rejections
Bass roll-off switch
Technical Specifications:
General Description:
The Electro-Voice® RE16 is a Variable-D® dynamic
supercardioid microphone designed for the most exacting
professional use. It is like the RE15, except that it uses a
unique blast filter. The blast filter, an integral part of the RE16,
permits handheld and outdoor use without “P-pops” or
excessive wind noise. Utilizing the Variable-D® design the
RE16 features a directional characteristic independent of
frequency. The result is a microphone that generates little
off-axis coloration while providing the greatest rejection of
unwanted sounds. A supercardioid, the RE16 provides its
greatest rejection at 150° off-axis. (Supercardioids provide
greatest rejection in the horizontal plane when the
microphone is tilted in its most natural position -30° from
horizontal, as on a boom or floor stand). An easily operated
“bass tilt” switch corrects spectrum balance for boom use
and other longer-reach situations. A hum-bucking coil and
screw-machined steel outer casing provides 25 dB of hum
rejection. Hum pickup level is -125 dBm (re: .001 gauss
field). Using the mechanical nesting concept of design, by
means of which the internal transducer parts are nested
one within another, the RE16 transducer is a nearly solid
mechanical structure that is highly resistant to damage from
mechanical shock. The Memraflex
grille screen resists
deformation. The exclusive nonmetallic Electro-Voice
Acoustalloy® diaphragm is virtually unaffected by extreme
atmospheric conditions. A carefully designed steel outer
case provides additional mechanical protection. The finish
is nonreflecting fawn beige.