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of 12
Allow for approximately 5 in. (12.5 cm) behind the
pedestal for clearance of back of washer or dryer to the wall.
Allow additional space if venting dryer upward or downward.
If locking nuts are not removed on units with
metal feet, mounting holes in appliance will not align to
mounting holes in brackets.
Due to higher center of gravity of appliance on ped-
estals, some side-to-side rocking is normal during operation.
Vibration can be minimized by assuring appliance is installed
properly, including being level and solid on all four (4) legs by
following these directions.
If washer or dryer is new and has not been installed yet, skip to 1.
step 4.
If dryer is already installed, disconnect dryer from electrical and 2.
gas connections and exhaust venting.
If washer is already installed, disconnect washer from electrical 3.
connection. Turn off hot and cold water supply and disconnect
hot and cold water supply hoses from water supply outlets.
Disconnect drain hose from drain pipe. Remove hole plugs from
back sheet and reinstall shipping braces and bolts.
Protect fl oor and unit with cardboard or rug and carefully lay the 4.
appliance on its side and screw each leg completely into the base.
Prepare appliance for mounting
Prepare pedestal before mounting
Locate pedestal 1.
to within a few
inches of its
nal location.
Level the pedestal 2.
front-to-back and
side-to-side by ad-
justing each leveling
leg. Keep leg exten-
sion to a minimum.
Rock the pedestal from corner-to-corner to check for stability. 3.
Repeat leveling and rocking until all four (4) feet are sturdy on the
oor and pedestal is level.
Without turning the rubber foot, lock each pedestal leg in place 4.
by tightening its lock nut tight against the pedestal base.
DO NOT remove foam!
lock nut
If appliance has metal feet with a locking nut, unscrew them, 5.
remove the locking nut and reinstall the feet fl ush to the base.
If feet are not completely screwed in, mounting
holes in appliance will not align to mounting holes in brackets.
DO NOT use open dispenser drawer of washer
or dispenser cavity as hand-hold location when tipping washer
on its side. Serious damage could occur to your washer.
or other injury, have more than one person move or lift the