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Owner's of the AT&T Cordless Telephone AT&T Cordless Telephone gave it a score of 3.9 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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About caller ID
This product supports caller ID services offered by most telephone service
providers. Caller ID allows you to see the name, number, date and time of calls.
The available caller ID information will appear after the first or second ring.
Information about caller ID with call waiting
Caller ID with call waiting lets you see the name and telephone number of
the caller before answering the call, even while on another call.
It may be necessary to change your telephone service to
use this feature. Contact your telephone service provider if:
You have both caller ID and call waiting, but as separate
services (you may need to combine these services).
You have only caller ID service, or only call waiting
You don’t subscribe to caller ID or call waiting services.
There are fees for caller ID services. In addition, services
may not be available in all areas.
This product can provide information only if both you and
the caller are in areas offering caller ID service and if both
telephone service providers use compatible equipment. The
time and date are sent by the telephone service provider along with the call
The caller ID information may not be available for every incoming call. The
callers may intentionally block their names and/or telephone numbers.
NOTE: You can use this product with regular caller ID service, or you can use this
product’s other features without subscribing to either caller ID or combined caller ID with call
waiting service.
About home area code
See Home area code on page 14 to determine if you should enter your area
code. Entering the area code changes how numbers are displayed in the
caller ID history and how to return a call from the caller ID history (see
To view the dialing options on page 36).
Christine Smith
Caller ID