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Flush with
the ceiling
Center of
Upper flue mounting
bracket slots
(Ducted Hoods Only)
1. Center the flue mounting bracket over the hood location and
flush with the ceiling. Secure the upper flue bracket to the
wall using (2) 4mm x 38mm mounting screws. Note: Drywall
anchors may be needed (not included).
2. Tighten the screws completely. Make sure that the bracket is
tight against the wall and ceiling.
3. Remove (3) screws holding electronics mounting bracket to
hood. Rotate bracket 180 degrees and re-attach bracket to
hood with same (3) screws.
4. Remove the protective plastic film covering the decorative
flue and the hood at this time.
5. Remove the grease filter by pulling down the metal latch tab
and tilting filter downward to remove.
6. Align the keyhole slots on the hood with the mounting screws
that were partially tightened into the wall framing. Ensure that
hood is seated entirely on mounting screws, and that hood is
level. Then tighten screws completely.
7. Install (2) 4mm x 38mm long screws into the holes inside the
hood and tighten them securely.
8. Carefully place glass canopy on top of the hood. Align nuts
on glass canopy with holes inside the hood. Attach canopy
with (4) .188” x .250” long flat head screws. Tighten screws
securely but DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
9. Reinstall grease filter by aligning side filter tab with slots
in the hood. Pull down the metal latch tab, push filter into
position and release. Make sure filter is securely engaged
after installation.