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Putting the RS 175 into operation
12 | RS 175
Connecting the transmitter to an audio source
You can simultaneously connect 2 different audio sources (e.g. a TV and a
stereo hi-fi system) to the transmitter. The transmitter features a digital
as well as an analog audio input. If you connect 2 audio sources, you can
toggle between them using the AUDIO INPUT SELECTION switch (see
e 21).
̈ Switch your audio source off before connecting the transmitter.
̈ Check the connection options available for y
our audio source (audio
output, usually marked “OUT”).
̈ Select the corresponding connection cable and,
if necessary, a suitable
̈ Depending on the connection option selected, go to the respective
r and follow the instructions on how to connect the transmitter
to an audio source.
You can also refer to the beginner’s video guides on how to connect
your digital wireless headphone system to a TV at
Connection options available for
your audio source
Connection cable Page
Optical (digital) Optical digital cable 13
3.5 mm or 6.3 mm/¼“
jack socket (analog)
Stereo audio cable;
in case of a 6.3 mm/ ¼“ jack
socket: with adapter 3.5 mm
jack socket to 6.3 mm/ ¼“
jack plug (to be ordered
RCA (analog)
Stereo audio cable with
adapter 3.5 mm jack socket to
2 RCA plugs (to be ordered
You can purchase accessories and adapters from your local
Sennheiser partner.