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Putting the RS 175 into operation
RS 175 | 17
Inserting and replacing the rechargeable batteries
1 Lightly twist the ear pads counterclockwise until you overcome a slight
2 Lift the ear pads off the ear cups t
o reveal the battery compartments.
3 Insert the rechargeable ba
tteries into the compartments. To replace the
batteries, pull the batteries out of the compartments and insert the
new ones. Be sure to observe correct polarity when inserting the bat-
teries. Please dispose old batteries as special waste or return them to
your specialist dealer.
4 Hook the ear pads onto the ear cups. A
s you put back the ear pads,
observe the L (left) and R (right) markings on the rear of the ear pads.
5 Twist the ear pads clockwise until you
hear a click sound. Ensure that
they are locked firmly onto the ear cups.
You can also power the headphones using standard batteries (AAA
size, 1.5 V). Note however, that standard batteries are not recharge-
able, and if you are using non-rechargeable batteries, you must not
place the headphones on the headphones holder.