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Other problems
If you encounter a problem that is not listed in the table, or if the solutions provided do not work, please visit
the RS 175 product page at www.sennheiser.com for the most up-to-date list of frequently asked questions.
You may also contact your local Sennheiser service partner for assistance. To find a Sennheiser service partner
in your country, visit www.sennheiser.com.
Problem Possible cause Possible solutions Page
does not turn
No power connection.
Check the connection of the power supply
Headphones do
not turn on
The rechargeable batteries are almost
Recharge the rechargeable batteries. 18
No batteries inside the battery
Insert the rechargeable batteries. 17
The rechargeable batteries are inserted
the wrong way round.
Remove the rechargeable batteries from
the headphones and reinsert them again.
Observe correct polarity.
Operating time
The rechargeable batteries are exhausted.
Replace the rechargeable batteries with
new ones.
You hear
beeps in the
The rechargeable batteries are almost
Recharge the rechargeable batteries. 18
cannot be
connected to
the transmitter
Distance to the transmitter is too large. Reduce the distance to the transmitter.
Headphones are not paired with the
Pair the headphones with the transmitter. 24
Another set of headphones is being
charged so I can‘t pair my second
Perform a proximity pairing:
1. Place the headphones as close as
possible to the transmitter.
2. Switch the headphones on.
3. Press the Volume +/- buttons
simultaneously for about 7 seconds.
Headphones are not compatible.
Use Sennheiser HDR 165, 175, 185, or
195 wireless headphones only.