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Putting the RS 175 into operation
18 | RS 175
Charging the rechargeable batteries
In general, a complete charging cycle takes about 8.5 hours. However,
before using the headphones for the first time, charge the rechargeable
batteries for at least 16 hours without interruption to optimize the perfor-
mance of the batteries.
When the rechargeable batteries are almost empty, the HDR status LED
turns red and you hear beeps in the headphones. The headphones switch
off after few minutes.
̈ Place the headphones on the headpho
nes holder of the transmitter.
You may place the headphones on either side provided that the
charging contacts of the headphones and the transmitter connect.
The headphones automatically switch off and the Charge status LED
on the transmitter lights up red. When the rechargeable batteries are
y charged, the Charge status LED turns green.
CAUTION Danger of damage to the headphones!
If you in
sert non-rechargeable batteries into the battery
compartments, the batteries may leak during charging and
can damage your headphones.
̈ Do not place the headphones on the headpho
nes holder if
you are using non-rechargeable batteries.
When not in use, place the headphones on the headphones holder to
ensure that batteries are fully charged when needed. The transmit-
ter utilizes an intelligent battery charging technology that prevents
After taking the headphones from the holder of the transmitter, the
Charge status LED indicates the approximate operating time of the
headphones (see page 9).