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23 X32 DIGITAL MIXER Preliminary User Manual
Tremolo / Panner
Stereo Tremolo creates an up and down volume change at a constant and even
tempo just like the guitar amps of yesteryear. Use X32’s Stereo Tremolo to add a
unique “surf-music” texture to a vocal or instrument track.
SPEED adjusts the LFO rate and DEPTH sets the amount of modulation.
PHASEcanbe used to set an LFO phase dierence between the left and right
channel, which can be used for panning eects. The WAVE knob blends the LFO
waveform between triangular and square shape. The signal envelope, shaped by
ATTACK, HOLD and RELEASE, can be used to modulate the LFO speed (ENV SPEED)
and the LFO modulation depth (ENV DEPTH).
Stereo / Dual Pitch
Pitch shifting is often used in two dierent ways. One is to set the Mix knob lower
and only use the Cent knob to make a small oset in pitch between the wet and
dry tones. This results in a “voice doubling” eect that thickens the overall sound
in a more subtle way. The extreme use of the eect is to turn the Mix knob fully-
clockwise so the entire signal is eected. This way, the signal can be shifted into
other keys up to an octave above or below the original. When used on a voice,
this results in a “chipmunk” sound or a low Darth Vader eect.
When the SEMI and CENT knobs are set at 12:00, the pitch is not altered.
Makingadjustments by semitone will have a very pronounced eect,
whereaschanges to the CENT knob will be very minor. The DELAY knob creates a
time dierence between the wet and dry sound. The LO and HI CUT knobs allow
the eected signal to be band-limited. The Dual Pitch eect allows the left and
right channels to be adjusted independently, and allows GAIN compensation and
panning of the two channels.
Stereo / Dual Guitar Amp
Modeled after the Tech 21 SansAmp, the Stereo / Dual Guitar Amp simulates the
sound of plugging into a real guitar amp. From shimmering cleans to saturated
crunch, X32’s Stereo / Dual Guitar Amp allows an electric guitar player to sound
great without using an amp on stage.
The PREAMP knob adjusts the amount of input gain prior to the band-specic
distortion adjustment. BUZZ adjusts the low-end breakup, PUNCH adjusts
the midrange distortion, and CRUNCH tailors the high-frequency content and
distortion for smooth or cutting notes. The DRIVE knob simulates the amount
of power amp distortion from a tube amp. The LOW and HIGH knobs allow
EQ adjustment independent of distortion content, and the overall output is
controlled by the LEVEL knob. The CABINET simulation can be bypassed if the
guitarist is already using a real cab, which allows the eect to function like a
boost or distortion pedal. The Dual Guitar Amp allows the left and right channels
to be adjusted independently.
Wave Designer
Wave Designer is a powerful tool for adjusting signal transients and dynamics,
such as attack and sustain. Use it to make a snare drum really “crack” in the
mix or level out volume inconsistencies of slap bass tracks. (Inspired by the SPL
Transient Designer)
Adjusting the ATTACK knob can add punch or tame overly dynamic signals.
Increasing the SUSTAIN knob acts in a similar way as a compressor, allowing the
peaks to carry longer before decay. The eect can also be used to reduce the
sustain for a more staccato sound. The GAIN knob compensates for level changes
caused by the eect.
Stereo Exciter / Dual Exciter
Exciters increase presence and intelligibility in live sound applications, and are
indispensable for adding clarity, air and harmonic overtones in the recording
studio. This eect is particularly useful for lling out the sound in dicult rooms
and for producing a more natural live/recorded sound. (Inspired by the famous
Aphex Aural Exciter)
Set the frequency of the side-chain lter with the TUNE knob, and further shape
the lter slope with the PEAK and ZERO FILL knobs. Turning the TIMBRE knob
left of center adds more odd harmonics, while turning it right of center adds
more even harmonics. Adjust the harmonic content added to the signal with
the HARMONICS knob, and blend in the eected signal with the MIX knob.
Engagethe SOLO MODE to isolate only the audio resulting from the eect so you
can hear exactly what you’re adding to the mix.
Stereo Enhancer / Dual Enhancer
X32’s Enhancers are so called “Psycho EQs”. They can enhance the signal
spectrum in bass, midrange and high frequencies but they dier from traditional
equalizers. When you need to generate maximum punch, clarity and detail,
without turning up the overall volume, our enhancers are the solution.
(Inspiredby the SPL Vitalizer)
Adjust the BASS, MID and HI GAIN knobs to add or reduce content in those
spectrums. The BASS and HI FREQuencies can be specically selected, while the
MID Q (bandwidth) can be adjusted instead. The OUT GAIN knob compensates for
changes in level resulting from the eect, and the SPREAD knob (Stereo version
only) emphasizes the stereo content for a wider mix. Engage the SOLO MODE
to isolate only the audio resulting from the eect so you can hear exactly what
you’re adding to the mix.