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4 X32 DIGITAL MIXER Preliminary User Manual
Welcome to the X32 User Manual! After years of intense development, we are
proud to oer a mixer that combines tremendous power and exibility with a
very user-friendly layout and intuitive workow that allow you to get up-and-
running right away.
The X32 is the fully-integrated centerpiece of BEHRINGER’s digital mixing,
audio networking and processing ecosystem. It combines a control surface
with streamlined workow, extensive I/O and signal processing into a compact
desktop form factor. Employing motorized faders and rotary encoders along
with a daylight-viewable TFT screen, the control surface is designed to allow
immediate access to critical functions with total and automatic recall of settings.
Extensive on-board I/O includes 40 A/D and 24 D/A Cirrus Logic converters,
96bidirectional channels over SuperMAC AES50, stereo AES/EBU out, 16 channels
of BEHRINGER’s Ultranet personal monitoring and 32 x 32 channels for recording
over Firewire or USB.
Abundantanalogconnectivity is provided via 32 MIDAS-designed digitally-
controllable microphone preamps, 6 line-level auxiliary in- and outputs, 16 XLR
outputs, stereo monitoring outs on XLR/TRS and dual phones outputs. Each of
the 32 microphone inputs can accept balanced or unbalanced mic or line-level
level signals and include switchable phantom power, 72 dB gain range and max
+23 dBu level before clip. A separate external mic input and the internal talkback
mic allow communication to various destinations.
Dual AES50 Ethernet jacks that employ KLARK TEKNIK SuperMAC technology
contribute 96 x 96 signals to the total count of 168 x 168 accessible sources and
destinations. Motorized faders, recallable mic preamps, programmable routing and
the ability to save and recall entire scenes make set or program changes quick and
simple. A top panel USB connector enables system data to be stored or a board mix
to be recorded directly to external ash or harddrives.
The Input section is home for 16 high-resolution 100 mm motorized faders,
providing control over channels 1-16, 17-32, Aux inputs / USB playback /
FXreturns. A separate section of 8 motorized faders controls DCA groups 1-8,
busmasters 1-8 and 9-16 as well as matrices 1-6.The master “X-channel”
sectionallows instant editing of the currently selected channel’s gain,
dynamics,EQ and other functions. A customassignablesection allows certain
control functions to be mapped directly toa set ofdedicated knobs and buttons.
A main 7"-wide, high-contrast color display provides information forediting
pertinent parameters of the active function or eect. Relevant parameters are
quickly recalled to the display for editing via “view” buttonsin each sub-section.
Each channel also features a small, customizable LCD screen for track name,
number,colorand source graphic.
A virtual FX rack oers 8 true-stereo (16 mono) multi-eects processors,
with37FX modelsthat eliminate the need for any additional outboard gear.
4high-quality eects such as delay, chorus and reverb can run concurrently with
8 channels of 31-band graphic equalization.
The built-in XUF USB 2.0/FireWire 400 interface card enables streaming of up to
32 tracks to and from a computer for recording, mixingandmastering purposes.
The X32 integrates seamlessly withother X32 consoles, the S16 digital stage box
and the P-16 personal monitoring system for complete live, studio and installed
sound solutions. Control the mixer from a distance with the free iPad app or with
editingand remote controlsoftware connected via Ethernet. The X32’seaseof
use, intuitiveworkow, diverse feature set and integration with other equipment
make it an ideal centerpiece for installedand productionsound in any setting.
Continue through this User Manual to learn all about the functionality
that this powerful mixer has to oer! We also recommend that you check
behringer.com tomake sure you have the latest rmware installed as we release