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56 X32 DIGITAL MIXER Preliminary User Manual
7.8 Mute Group Screen
The mute group screen allows for quick assignment and control of the console’s
6mute groups, and oers two separate functions:
1. It mutes the active screen during the process of assigning channels to mute
groups. This ensures that no channels are accidentally muted during the
assignment process during a live performance.
2. It oers an additional interface for muting/unmuting the mute groups in
addition to the dedicated mute group buttons at the bottom of the console.
When activated, the mute screen only covers the bottom portion of the
main display, allowing the middle portion to continue displaying its usual
To assign channels to one of the 6 mute groups, perform the following steps:
1. Press the Mute Group button to switch the main display to the mute
2. Press and hold the desired mute group button (1-6) on the lower right hand
corner of the console.
3. While holding the mute group button, press the select keys of any input or
output channel, on any layer, that you wish to assign to the mute group.
4. When you have assigned all the desired channels to the mute group,
releasethe dedicated mute group button. The individual channel mute
buttons will resume their normal function.
To use the mute groups screen to mute/unmute the groups, perform the
following steps:
1. Tap any of the six encoders to mute the corresponding group, and thus mute
all channels that are assigned to that mute group.
2. Tap the encoder of a currently muted group to “un-mute” the mute group.
3. When nished working with mute groups, tap the Mute Group screen button
to exit the mute groups screen. The entire screen will again display its full set
of controls for whatever page it was previously on.