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Owner's of the Behringer Music Mixer 32-Channel, 16-Bus, 40-Bit Digital Mixing Console with Programmable MIDAS Preamps, Motorized Faders, 32-Channel Audio Interface and iPad Remote Control gave it a score of 2.0 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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  • Ease of Use

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61 X32 DIGITAL MIXER Preliminary User Manual
5. Rotate the 4th encoder to select the specic signal source to feed the
currently selected channel of the stereo recorder. Choices include:
• Main L
• Main R
• Main C/M
• Any of the 16 Mix Bus Outputs
• Any of the 6 matrix outputs
• Any of the 32 direct outputs
• Direct Outputs Aux 1-8
• Any of the FX Direct Outputs
• Monitor L
• Monitor R
• Talkback
6. Rotate the 5th encoder to select the signal tap point that the selected audio
path is tapped from when feeding currently selected channel of the stereo
recorder. Choices include:
• Pre EQ
• Post EQ
• Pre-Fader
• Post-Fader
7. Tap the 6th encoder to toggle the “playback folder” mode on/o.
• When playback folder mode is OFF, the transport will stop after playing
the currently selected audio le. This is useful for situations like
triggering audio cues or sound eects in a theatrical setting.
• When playback folder mode is ON, the transport will continue playing
back all audio les residing in the currently selected folder one by one.
This is useful for playing back several songs during a break in the main
set, allowing the attached USB drive to act as a source for “break music”.