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3. Press the [Enter] key on the keyboard.
The “Live” page will be displayed. Refer to page 12 for further information about the “Live” page.
When “On” is selected for “User auth.”, the authentication window will be displayed before displaying live
images for the user name and password entries. The default user name and password are as follows.
User name: admin
Password: 12345
To enhance the security, change the password for the user name “admin”. It is recommended to change
this password periodically.
When displaying multiple H.264 (or MPEG-4) images on a PC, images may not be displayed depending
on the performance of the PC.
When “H.264” is selected for “Video encoding format”, H.264 video will be displayed. When
“MPEG-4” is selected, MPEG-4 images will be displayed.
The maximum number of concurrent access user is 14 including users who is receiving H.264 (or
MPEG-4) images and users who are receiving JPEG images. Depending on the set values for
“Bandwidth control(bit rate)” and “Max bit rate (per client)”, the maximum concurrent access number
may be 14 or less users. When 14 users are concurrently accessing, the access limit message will be
displayed for users who subsequently attempt to access. When “Multicast” is selected for
“Transmission type” of “H.264” (or “MPEG-4”), only the first user who accessed to monitor H.264 (or
MPEG-4) images will be included in the maximum number. The second and subsequent users who
are monitoring H.264 (or MPEG-4) images will not be included in the maximum number.
When “On” is selected for “H.264 transmission” (or “MPEG-4 transmission”) (®page 81, page 88),
H.264 (or MPEG-4) images will be displayed. When “Off” is selected, a JPEG image will be displayed.
It is possible to display a JPEG image even when “On” is selected for “H.264 transmission” (or
“MPEG-4 transmission”). In this case, the refresh interval of JPEG images will be limited.
The refresh interval may become longer depending on a network environment, PC performance,
photographic subject, access traffic, etc.
<Refresh interval of JPEG images>
When “On” is selected for “H.264 transmission” (or “MPEG-4 transmission”)
10 Operating Instructions
1 Monitor images on a PC