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[Detection area]
Adjust the size of the VMD area using the slider. The smaller the selected value is, the higher the sensitivity
of VMD area becomes. The current value (1-10) will be displayed on the right of the slider.
Default: 1
[Detection sensitivity]
Adjust the sensitivity of motion detection in the VMD area using the slider. The settings can be configured for
each area individually. The larger the value is set, the higher the sensitivity level becomes.
The current value (1 (low) - 15 (high)) will be displayed below the slider.
Default: 8
[Delete] button
Click the [Delete] button corresponding to the area to be deleted. The outline of the selected area will be
[Light detection control]
Select “On” or “Off” to determine whether or not to suspend video motion detection affected by brightness
change such by a dimming level control.
Default: Off
“Light detection control” may not work when brightness change is too small.
When “On” is selected for “Light detection control”, the video motion detection may not be performed
even when detecting a subject moving over the whole screen.
[Area No. notification]
When “Panasonic alarm protocol notification >>” is clicked, the [Notification] tab of the “Alarm” page will be
displayed. (®page 147)
VMD information addition
[Information addition]
Select “On” or “Off” to determine whether or not to add VMD information to superimposed image data.
The VMD information can be searched by some of Panasonic network disk recorders. Refer to the operating
instructions of the connected devices for further information about the functions and settings.
Default: Off
13.6.1 Set the VMD areas [VMD area]
Set the areas to activate the VMD function.
When the settings are being configured on the setup menu, sometimes the VMD function may not work
Operating Instructions 143
13 Configure the alarm settings [Alarm]