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of 220
When a faster shutter speed is selected (up to 1/10000), it is possible to capture a fast moving object
with less blur.
When a faster shutter speed is selected, the sensitivity will become lower. Smear also may appear
under bright light condition.
When “On” is selected for “Super Dynamic(SD)”, “Fix shutter” is not available. To configure “Fix
shutter”, set “Super Dynamic(SD)” to “Off”.
Select a method of gain adjustment from the following.
On(High)/ On(Mid)/ On(Low): When the luminance of the subject becomes darker, gain will be
automatically increased and screen will become brighter. “High”, “Mid” and “Low” are indications of gain
Off: Images will be captured with the fixed gain level.
Default: On(High)
[Auto slow shutter]
The electronic sensitivity enhancement (sensitivity up) can be carried out by adjusting the storage time of the
The following are available for the recording duration.
Off(1/30s), Max.2/30s, Max.4/30s, Max.6/30s, Max.10/30s, Max.16/30s
Default: Off(1/30s)
When “On” is selected for “Auto slow shutter”, frame rate may become lower. Noise or white dots
(blemishes) may sometimes appear.
When “Max.16/30s” is selected, for example, sensitivity will automatically be increased up to x16. When
“Off” is selected for “AGC”, this setting is unavailable.
[Day & Night(IR)]
Select switching between the color mode and the black & white mode from the following.
Off: The color mode is selected.
On: The black & white mode is selected.
Auto1(Normal): The camera automatically switches between the color mode and the black & white mode
in accordance with picture brightness (luminance). The black & white mode will automatically be selected
when the lighting condition becomes darker, while the color mode will automatically be selected when it
becomes brighter.
Auto2(IR Light): Suitable when using near-infrared light source at night.
Auto3(Super Chrome Compensation(SCC)): Suitable to keep the color mode even under darker light
The color mode will be carried on by the Super Chrome Compensation (SCC) function even under
illumination that is lower than Auto1(Normal).
Default: Auto1(Normal)
Super Chrome Compensation (SCC) function
This function achieves faithful color images using the proprietary color compensation technology that
reproduce images even under low illumination where it is usually difficult to capture objects faithfully.
The operating sound might be heard when changing to black-and-white mode, however it does not
indicate any malfunction.
114 Operating Instructions
11 Configure the settings relating to images and audio [Image/Audio]