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[Super Dynamic(SD)]
Select “On” or “Off” to determine whether or not to activate the super dynamic function.
Refer to the description “Super Dynamic function” about the super dynamic function.
On: The super dynamic function will work.
Off: The super dynamic function will not work.
Default: Off
When the following are observed depending on the light condition, select “Off” for “Super
When flickering appears or the color changes on the screen
When noise appears in the brighter area on the screen
This setting is only available when a 1.3 mega pixel setting is selected for “Picture (Camera) mode” on
the [JPEG/H.264] (or [JPEG/MPEG-4]) tab.
When “Outdoor scene”, “Indoor scene (50 Hz)”, or “Indoor scene (60 Hz)” is selected for “Light control
mode”, this setting is available.
When “On” is selected for “Super Dynamic(SD)”, the minimum illumination will be set to the same
specifications as the 3 mega pixel mode. Refer to the Installation Guide for more information about the
Super Dynamic function
When there is wide variation between the illumination of light and dark areas of the location being monitored,
the camera adjusts the lens iris in accordance with the brighter areas. This causes loss of detail in darker areas.
Conversely, adjusting the lens brightness for the darker areas causes the brighter areas to become washed
Super Dynamic digitally combines an image that is set up for a clear view of the brighter areas with an image
that is set up for a clear view of the darker areas, creating a final image that preserves overall detail.
A. Subject in the dark
area is hard to notice...
B. Subject in the bright
area is washed out...
C. Creates a clearer
image by digitally
combining images
112 Operating Instructions
11 Configure the settings relating to images and audio [Image/Audio]