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1. Click the [Execute] button of “CA Certificate - Generate Certificate Signing Request”.
The “CA Certificate - Generate Certificate Signing Request” dialog box will be displayed.
2. Enter the information of the certificate to be generated.
Description Available number of characters
[Common Name] Enter the camera address or host name. 64 characters
[Country] Enter the country name. 2 characters (Country code)
[State] Enter the state name. 128 characters
[Locality] Enter the locality name. 128 characters
[Organization] Enter the organization name. 64 characters
Enter the unit name of the organization. 64 characters
[CRT key] Displays the key size and generation time & date
of the current key.
To use the server certificate, follow the requests from the CA about the information to be entered.
The available characters for [Common Name], [State], [Locality], [Organization], [Organizational
Unit] are 0-9, A-Z, a-z and the following marks.
- . _ , + / ( )
3. Click the [OK] button after entering the items.
The [Save As] dialog box will be displayed.
4. Enter a file name for the CSR in the [Save As] dialog box to save on the PC.
The saved CSR file will be applied to the CA.
The server certificate will be issued for the set of the generated CSR and CRT key. If the CRT key is
re-generated or updated after applying to the CA, the issued server certificate will be invalidated.
176 Operating Instructions
17 Configuring the network settings [Network]