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28D-Link DAP-2553 User Manual
Section 3 - Configuration
Beacons are packets sent by an access point to synchronize a wireless network. Specify a value in milliseconds. The
default (100) is recommended. Setting a higher beacon interval can help to save the power of wireless clients, while setting
a lower one can help a wireless client connect to an access point faster.
Select a Delivery Trafc Indication Message setting between 1 and 15. 1 is the default setting. DTIM is a countdown inform-
ing clients of the next window for listening to broadcast and multicast messages.
This setting determines the power level of the wireless transmission. Transmitting power can be adjusted to eliminate
overlapping of wireless area coverage between two access points where interference is a major concern. For example, if
wireless coverage is intended for half of the area, then select 50% as the option. Use the pull-down menu to select 100%,
50%, 25%, or 12.5%.
WMM stands for Wi-Fi Multimedia. Enabling this feature will improve the user experience for audio and video applications
over a Wi-Fi network.
To effectively optimize throughput over long distance links enter a value for Acknowledgement Time Out between 25 and
200 microseconds for 5 GHz or from 64 to 200 microseconds in the 2.4 GHz in the eld provided.
Select Enable or Disable. Enabling a short guard interval can increase throughput. However, be aware that it can also
increase the error rate in some installations due to increased sensitivity to radio-frequency installations.
Select Enable or Disable. Internet Group Management Protocol allows the AP to recognize IGMP queries and reports
sent between routers and an IGMP host (wireless STA). When IGMP snooping is enabled, the AP will forward multicast
packets to an IGMP host based on IGMP messages passing through the AP.
Select Enable or Disable. If the Ethernet connection between the LAN and the AP is disconnected, enabling this feature
will cause the wireless segment associated with the AP to be disassociated from the AP.
Select Enable or Disable. This is an option for load balancing. This determines whether to limit the number of users
accessing this device. The exact number is entered in the User Limit eld below. This feature allows the user to share the
wireless network trafc and the client using multiple APs. If this function is enabled, when the number of users exceeds
this value, the DAP-2553 will not allow clients to associate with the AP.
Set the maximum amount of users that are allowed access (0-64 users). To use this feature, the Connection Limit above
must be enabled. For most users, a limit of 10 is recommended. The default setting is 20.
Beacon Interval
DTM Interval
Transmit Power:
WMM (Wi-Fi
Ack Time Out
(2.4 GHZ, 64~200)
or Ack Time Out
(5 GHZ, 25~200):
Short GI:
IGMP Snooping:
Link Integrity:
Connection Limit:
User Limit (0-64):