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64D-Link DAP-2553 User Manual
Section 6 - Troubleshooting
This chapter provides solutions to problems that can occur during the installation and operation of the DAP-2553.
Read the following descriptions if you are having problems. (The examples below are illustrated in Windows
XP. If
you have a different operating system, the screenshots on your computer will look similar to the following examples.)
1. Why can’t I access the web-based conguration utility?
When entering the IP address of the D-Link access point ( for example), you are not connecting to a
website on the Internet or have to be connected to the Internet. The device has the utility built-in to a ROM chip in the
device itself. Your computer must be on the same IP subnet to connect to the web-based utility.
• Make sure you have an updated Java-enabled web browser. We recommend the following:
• Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
• Netscape 9.0 or higher
• Firefox 3.0 or higher
• Verify physical connectivity by checking for solid link lights on the device. If you do not get a solid link light, try using
a different cable or connect to a different port on the device if possible. If the computer is turned off, the link light may
not be on.
• Disable any internet security software running on the computer. Software rewalls such as Zone Alarm, Black Ice,
Sygate, Norton Personal Firewall, and Windows
XP rewall may block access to the conguration pages. Check the
help les included with your rewall software for more information on disabling or conguring it.