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30D-Link DAP-2553 User Manual
Section 3 - Configuration
Select Enable or Disable.
When you select Open System, toggle between Enable and Disable. If Enable is selected, the Key Type, Key Size, Key
Index (1~4), Key, and Conrm Keys must also be congured.
Select HEX or ASCII.
Select 64 Bits or 128 Bits.
Select from the 1st to 4th key to be set as the active key.
Input up to four keys for encryption. You will select one of these keys in the Key Index pull-down menu.
When you select either WPA-Personal or WPA-Enterprise, you must also choose a WPA mode from the pull-down menu:
AUTO (WPA or WPA2), WPA2 Only, or WPA Only. WPA and WPA2 use different algorithms. AUTO (WPA or WPA2)
allows you to use both WPA and WPA2. In addition, you must congure Cipher Type, and Group Key Update Interval.
Select Auto, AES, or TKIP from the pull-down menu.
Select the interval during which the group key will be valid. The default value of 1800 seconds is recommended.
When you select WPA-Personal, please enter a PassPhrase in the corresponding eld.
When you select WPA-Personal, please re-enter the PassPhrase entered in the previous item in the corresponding eld.
When you select WPA-Enterprise, enter the IP address of the RADIUS server. In addition, you must congure RADIUS
Port and RADIUS Secret.
Enter the RADIUS port.
Enter the RADIUS secret.
WMM (Wi-Fi
Key Type:
Key Size:
Key Index (1-4):
WPA Mode:
Cipher Type:
Group Key Update
RADIUS Server:
RADIUS Secret: