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37D-Link DAP-2553 User Manual
Section 3 - Configuration
Quality of Service (QoS) enhances the experience of
using a network by prioritizing the trafc of different
A QoS Rule identies a specic message ow and
assigns a priority to that ow. For most applications,
the priority classiers ensure the right priorities and
specic QoS Rules are not required.
QoS supports overlaps between rules. If more than
one rule matches a specic message ow, the rule
with the highest priority will be used.
Enable this option if you want to allow QoS to
prioritize your trafc
Priority Classiers.
Allows the access point to recognize HTTP
transfers for many common audio and video
streams and prioritize them above other trafc.
Such streams are frequently used by digital
media players.
When enabled, this option causes the access point to automatically attempt to prioritize trafc streams that it doesn’t
otherwise recognize, based on the behavior that the streams exhibit. This acts to de-prioritize streams that exhibit bulk
transfer characteristics, such as le transfers, while leaving interactive trafc, such as gaming or VoIP, running at a normal
QoS (Quality of