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Getting started
Deregister a deskset
You may need to deregister the deskset from the main telephone base if you
already have ten registered devices and need to replace a deskset, or if you
wish to change the assigned number of your registered devices.
You must first deregister ALL the registered devices, and then register each
device that you wish to use again individually.
Please read carefully through all the instructions in this section before
beginning the deregistration process.
Please make sure the telephone system is not in use before deregistration.
Deregistering a deskset does not remove the data saved on it. For details, see
Deregister handsets and headset in the SynJ SB67118/SB67138 user’s manual.
Deregister the deskset from your SynJ SB67118 telephone base
On the SynJ SB67118 telephone base, pressSynJ SB67118 telephone base, presstelephone base, press MENU/ENTER.
Scroll down to Registration and press
Scroll down to Deregistration and press
The main telephone base shows
Deregister all devices? <=No >=Yes. Press
REP to exit
or press SKIP to continue the deregistration process.
The main telephone base shows Deregistering
. The mainmain
telephone base shows All handsets deregistered and
beeps when the deregistration process is successful. It
takes up to 10 seconds to complete.
Deregister all
<=No >=Yes
All handsets