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Deskset operation
Switch among the corded handset, the speakerphone and the corded headset
To switch from the corded handset to the speakerphone/corded headset:
While you are using the corded handset on a call, press
Put the corded handset back to the deskset.
To switch from the speakerphone/corded headset to the corded handset:
While you are using the speakerphone or corded headset on a call, pick up
the corded handset to continue the call.
Temporary ringer silencing
Press MUTE while the telephone is ringing to silence the
ringer temporarily on the deskset only. This turns off the
ringer without disconnecting the call. The next incoming
call rings normally at the preset volume.
Last number redial
The last 10 telephone numbers dialed (up to 32 digits) are stored in the
redial memory of the deskset.
To view the 10 most recently dialed numbers:
Press the Redial softkey to enter the redial list and display the most
recently called number.
DIR or CID to browse.
Press the Back softkey to exit the redial list.
To redial a number:
To dial the displayed number, lift the corded handset, or presslift the corded handset, or press SPEAKER
To override automatic line selection, press LINE 1-LINE 4 for the desired
line and use the speakerphone. If you want to use the corded handset, lift
it from the deskset. If you want to use the corded headset, press HEADSET.
NOTE: If there are no numbers on the redial list, the deskset displays Redial list empty.
Deskset basic operation