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Quick reference guide
NEW CALL indicator
On when there are new or
missed calls (page 46).
Navigation keys
While in menus, press DIR or CID to scroll through the menus,
highlight items or to change settings.
While entering names or numbers, press
or to move the cursor to
the left or right.
While playing back messages, press
once to repeat the message, or
twice to hear the previous message, or press to skip to the
next message.
During message playback,
press to repeat a message,
or press twice to play the
previous message (page 58).
While in a menu, press to
cancel an operation and exit
the menu display.
Press to place an
outside call on
hold (page 27).
LINE 1-LINE 4 keys
Press to make or answer
a call on the desired line
(pages 19-21).
Press to view caller ID
information (page 46).
Press to view directory
information (page 41).
Press to delete the message currently
playing (page 58).
Press to delete an entry while reviewing
the redial list (page 23), directory
(page 43) or call log (page 47).
Press to delete a digit or character
while entering numbers or names.
When in idle mode, press
to enter the general or an
assigned mailbox menu
(page 57).
Softkeys (2)
Press to select a menu item
displayed above the key.
During message playback,
press to skip to the next
message (page 58).
Getting started