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Deskset operation
Record a call
Use this feature to record a two-way phone conversation during a call. The
recording is treated the same as memos and is always marked as a new
message in the mailbox. However, the message indicator
does not flash
for new or missed recorded calls. You cannot record a conference call or an
intercom call. You cannot use another line while you are recording a phone
To record a call:
While on a call, press the Option softkey
Press DIR or CID to scroll toto scroll to Record call on. Press
the Select softkey.
The recording starts and the system activates call
privacy. The screen displays -PRIV and -REC, and the
timer starts counting while recording.
To stop recording and continue the call, press the
Option softkey and then press the Select softkey
to choose Record call off. The system saves the
conversation into the deskset mailbox.
The recording ends when you disconnect the call.
While recording a phone conversation, the other party hears a short beep
when the recording begins and once each minute during the recording.
To ensure compliance with the state and federal regulations regarding the
recording of a telephone call, you should inform the caller that you are
recording the call before you start recording.
To play back a memo or phone conversation:
Play memos or two-way phone conversations the same way as messages are
played (see Message playback on page 58).
Call privacy is automatically on when recording a call.
Calls that you record use the same memory as the answering system. Recording long
conversations uses up space available for recording normal messages. Please see
Remaining space in your SynJ SB67118/SB67138 user’s manual.
When the memory of the answering system is full, the screen displays Memory is full.
Options while on calls
Line1 00:00:10
Privacy OFF
>Record call on