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Caller ID
Memory match
If the incoming telephone number is an exact match with a telephone
number in your directory, the name that appears on the screen matches the
corresponding name in your directory.
For example, if Christine Smith calls, her name appears as Chris if this is how
you entered it into your directory.
NOTE: The number shown is in the format from the telephone service provider. It usually
delivers 10-digit telephone numbers (area code plus telephone number). The telephone
system ignores the area code when searching for a match and displays the name of the first
corresponding number from the directory.
Missed (new) calls indicator
When the deskset is in not in use and has new missed
calls, its screen shows XX Missed calls.
All new missed entries are counted as missed calls. Each
time you review a call log entry with the icon new, the
number of missed calls decreases by one. When all the
entries in the call log become old (have been reviewed),
the system removes the missed calls alert from the display,
and the NEW CALL indicator turns off.
Review the caller ID information
When the deskset is not in use, press
When the deskset is not in use, press the Menu softkey. Press
DIR or
CID to scroll to Call log. Press the Select softkey.
When the deskset displays XX Missed calls,
press DIR or CID to review
the call log. The call log entries are stored in reverse chronological order
starting with the most recent entry.
To exit without making changes, press EXIT.
Caller ID operation
888 722 7702
5:30PM 8/9 new
1:Deskset 1
3 Missed calls
6:00PM 8/9