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Deskset operation
Use this feature to hold one line while accessing
another, or as part of the conference and call
transfer features.
While on a call, press HOLD. The LINE 1-LINE 4
indicator for the line on hold flashes slowly in red.
After the call has been on hold for more than three
minutes, a beep sounds every 30 seconds. (See Hold reminder on page 17
to turn off this feature).
If you are using the speakerphone, the speakerphone turns off automatically
when you press HOLD.
To resume the call, press LINE 1-LINE 4 of the call on hold.
A call on hold after 10 minutes is automatically forwarded to the auto attendant, even if the
auto attendant is not activated. To keep a call on hold longer than 10 minutes, release the
held call within 10 minutes and then place the call on hold again.
You cannot put an intercom call on hold.
Switch among lines
You can switch among lines during an outside call:
Press LINE 1-LINE 4 of another telephone line to make or answer another
call. The current call is put on hold automatically.
To return to the first call, press the original LINE 1-LINE 4. The second line
is put on hold automatically.
Join a call in progress
Use this feature to join an ongoing call on any line that does not have
call privacy set (see Call privacy on page 25 for more information). The
corresponding line icon appears on the screen when the line is in use.
Press and hold the desired LINE 1-LINE 4 on the deskset to join the call,
which becomes a three-way conference (see page 28).
NOTE: When you try to join an ongoing call on a line with call privacy on, the screen
displays Privacy and you hear four beeps.
Options while on calls