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Deskset operation
You can use the intercom feature for conversations with a cordless handset,
a cordless headset or the SB67118/SB67138 main telephone base. When the
system is making one or more external calls, the deskset can make intercom
calls with a cordless handset, a cordless headset or the main telephone base.
Make an intercom call
Press the INT key on the deskset.
Press DIR or CID to choose a destination device.
(star key) for the main telephone base,
1-0 for extension 1-10, and # (pound key) for
all extensions.
Press the Select softkey.
The screen displays Calling X:Handset X (X represents
the extension number [1-0], Handset X represents the
handset name), Calling
:Base or Calling All.
Before the intercom call is answered, you can cancel the intercom by pressing SPEAKER,
lifting the corded handset and putting it back to the deskset, or by pressing the corresponding
LINE 1-LINE 4 to resume a call.
The intercom call is automatically canceled if it is unanswered after one minute.
Press MUTE to temporarily silence the intercom ringer.
When you choose All in the menu, all extensions and the telephone base ring. The intercom
call is established with the first extension to answer.
If a line is in use, pressing INT places the line on hold and activates the intercom.
*: Base
1: Handset 1
#: All