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The telephone system does not receive caller ID when on a call.
Make sure you subscribe to caller ID with call waiting features from your
telephone service provider. Caller ID feature works only if both you and the
caller are in areas offering caller ID service, and if both telephone service
providers use compatible equipment.
The answering system is recording incomplete messages.
If a caller leaves a very long message, part of it may be lost when the
system disconnects the call after three minutes.
If the caller pauses for longer than six seconds, the system stops recording
and disconnects the call.
If the system memory becomes full while recording a message, the system
stops recording and disconnects the call.
If the caller’s voice is very soft, the system may stop recording and
disconnect the call.
I have difficulty hearing messages.
Press VOL+ to increase the speaker volume on the deskset.
The answering system does not answer after the correct number of rings.
Make sure the auto attendant is on. Please refer to Turn the auto
attendant on in the SynJ SB67118/SB67138 user’s manual.
Make sure the memory of the answering system is not full. Refer to
Remaining space in the SynJ SB67118/SB67138 user’s manual. When the
answering system memory is full, it does not record new messages until
some old messages are deleted.
If you subscribe to voicemail service, change the number of rings so
that your answering system answers before your voicemail answers. To
determine how many rings activate your voicemail, contact your telephone
service provider (charges may apply).
If there is a fax machine connected to the same telephone line, try
disconnecting the fax machine. If that solves the problem, consult your fax
machine documentation for information on compatibility with answering