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Caller ID
How the caller ID information (call log) works
The deskset stores caller ID information for the
last 50 incoming calls. Entries are stored in reverse
chronological order. The telephone deletes the oldest
entry when the log is full to make room for a new call.
Each extension has an independent call log. Deleting
the caller ID information on any one extension
does not affect the caller ID information on
other extensions.
If you answer a call before the information appears on the
screen, it will not be saved in the call log.
Review the caller ID information to see who called, to easily
return the call, or to copy the caller’s name and number into
your directory.
The NEW CALL indicator turns on and XX Missed call(s) appears when there
are new call log entries (including new or missed calls).
Call log empty appears when there are no records in the call log.
The time and date of the call and the caller’s name and telephone number
are included in the display.
Caller ID information appears on the screen as the telephone rings, or until
the caller hangs up, or until the call has been answered at another extension,
or until the call ends.
If you subscribe to caller ID service, this phone automatically resets the
time and date each time new call information is received. You can also set
the time and date manually (see Set date and time in your SynJ SB67118/
SB67138 user’s manual).
The caller ID information might not be available for every incoming call. Callers might
intentionally block their names and/or telephone numbers.
Each entry can store up to 32 digits for the telephone number and 16 characters for the
name. If the telephone number has more than 16 digits but less than or equal to 24 digits,
only the last 16 digits appear. If the telephone number has more than 24 digits, only the 9th
to 24th digits (16 digits) appear. In order to view the entire number, you must first save the
entry to the directory (see page 48). If the telephone number has more than 32 digits, it is not
saved or shown in the call log.
Caller ID Information
1:Deskset 1
3 Missed calls
New messages
11:30PM 12/31
888 883 2445
5:30PM 8/9 new
Caller’s name
Caller’s number
Appears when the call is
new or missed.
Date of call
Time of call
Press this softkey to save a call
log entry to the directory
Screen display of the deskset