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Deskset operation
To talk privately on the intercom call:
Press HOLD to talk privately with the person on that intercom call. The
external line is automatically placed on hold.
Press the Conf softkey to resume the conference call.
To drop one line:
Press LINE 1-LINE 4 to activate the line you want to drop. Place the
corded handset on the deskset or press
SPEAKER to hang up. The
other line is put on hold automatically.
Press LINE 1-LINE 4 to retrieve the call on hold and lift the handset on
the deskset.
To drop the intercom call:
Press LINE 1-LINE 4 to activate the external call. The intercom call
drops automatically.
To end a conference call:
Place the corded handset on the deskset or press
SPEAKER to hang up.
The call does not terminate until all extensions hang up.
If an internal party hangs up, the ongoing call becomes a two-way conversation.
You cannot make any conference calls if all four telephone lines are in use.
If you are experiencing difficulty in using the conference features on this telephone, please
consider using AT&T’s complete line of teleconference services to find a solution that best meets
your needs. AT&T TeleConference Services reduces travel time and expenses while increasing
productivity wherever people are located, enabling you to host truly virtual meetings and share
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Options while on calls