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of 91
All deleted
All directory entries, call log entries or old messages in the
general or deskset mailbox are erased.
Failed intercom or conference call (there are already two
cordless handsets or desksets being used).
The main telephone base is calling.
X:Handset X
Another system handset is calling.
Call log empty
There are no entries in the caller ID history.
The deskset is calling all registered devices (for intercom calls).
The deskset is starting an intercom call with the main
telephone base.
X:Handset X
The deskset is starting an intercom call with a
cordless handset.
COVM L1 L2 L3 L4
There are new voicemail messages on the corresponding lines.
Check AC power
The power cord is not connected.
A call log entry, a redial number or a directory entry was deleted.
Directory empty
There are no directory entries.
You have just ended a call.
------Line X------
Incoming call
There is an incoming call.
Line X
The telephone line X is in use.
Low battery
The backup battery is low on power.
Memory is full
The directory is full. You cannot save new entries unless you
delete some current entries.
Message is full
The system memory is full. You cannot record new messages
unless you delete some old messages.
The microphone is off.
Msg. transferred to
mailbox X
A message has been transferred from the general mailbox to a
particular private mailbox.
No link to the
base. Please
walk closer to
the base and try
The deskset has lost communication with the main
telephone base.
Deskset display screen messages