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Use the directory to store names and phone numbers. The directory in the
deskset is independent from the main telephone base and all other registered
devices. Changes made to the directory on the main telephone base and
other registered handsets apply only to that particular device.
The directory of the deskset can store up to 100 entries, with a maximum of
16 alphanumeric characters (including spaces) for names and 32 digits for
telephone numbers. A convenient search feature can help you quickly find
and dial numbers (page 42).
When there are already 100 entries, the screen shows Memory is full. You
cannot store a new number until you delete one. If you try to view the directory
entries when there are no entries, the screen displays Directory empty.
Exit the directory
On the deskset, press EXIT to cancel an operation and return to idle mode.
If you pause for too long while creating or reviewing an entry, the procedure
times out and you have to begin again.
About the directory