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Answering system
Deskset mailbox overview
Your deskset has its own mailbox which is different from the general mailbox
on the main telephone base. If you turn on the auto attendant on the main
telephone base and fast answer mode on the deskset, the caller is able to
leave a message on the deskset mailbox after two rings. If you do not turn
on the fast answer mode on the deskset, the answering system picks up the
call after five rings and allows the caller to leave a message on the deskset
mailbox, or call another extension or the operator.
New message indication
When you have new messages in the deskset mailbox, the screen displays
New messages. In addition, the new message indicator
If the notify alert is turned on (see pages 54-55), you will receive a phone
call at the telephone number you chose each time a new message has
been recorded.
There is no new message indication on the deskset when messages are left in
the general mailbox.
Fast answer mode
You can set the number of times your extension rings before the auto
attendant asks the caller to leave you a message or choose another
extension. The number of rings can be two (on) or five (off). The default is
five rings.
When the deskset is not in use, press
DIR or CID to scroll to Fast answer mode.
Press the Select softkey.
DIR or CID to select On or Off.
Press the Save softkey to save the setting and return to
the previous menu. There is a confirmation tone. To exit
without making changes, press the Back softkey.
Deskset mailbox setup
3 New messages
General mailbox
>Fast answer mode
Fast answer mode