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Deskset operation
You can directly broadcast your voice to the speakerphone of any extension.
The extension you called can respond by pressing the PTT key to begin a
two-way communication. Up to five pairs of PTT calls can exist at a time.
PTT to the main telephone base or a system device
When the deskset is not in use, press the
PTT key.
DIR or CID to choose the desired
Press and hold PTT until the deskset shows
PTT to: X:Handset X Release PTT key to stop
(X represents the extension number [1-0];
Handset X represents the handset name) or
PTT to:
:Base Release PTT key to stop. When the
connection is made, both the caller and the destination
party hear two beeps.
Speak towards the deskset speakerphone while
continuing to hold down the PTT key. Your voice is
broadcast to the desired extension.
Release the PTT key after speaking. There is a three-
second PTT wait state with -MUTE slowly flashing on the
screen. During the PTT wait state, if necessary, you can
press and hold the PTT key to continue speaking towards
the speakerphone.
The destination party can respond by converting
the PTT call to an intercom call (see page 37).
NOTE: When the destination device is on an intercom or outside call, you hear a busy tone
and the deskset displays Busy.
Push to talk (PTT) intercom
PTT to:
Release PTT key
to stop
*: Base
1: Handset 1
2: Handset 2
3: Handset 3
PTT to: