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Getting started
During a call, press to
mute the microphone
(page 24).
During an incoming call,
press to mute the ringer
(page 22).
During a call, press to adjust the listening volume
(page 24).
During message playback, press to adjust the playback
volume (page 58).
Press to adjust the ringer volume (page 13).
Press to turn on the
speakerphone. Press again
to turn it off (page 22).
During a call, press to
answer an incoming call
when you receive a call
waiting alert (page 24).
When in idle mode, press
to initiate an intercom call
(page 31).
When a corded headset is
connected to the deskset,
press to get a line, answer a
call or hang up
(pages 19-22). The red
indicator is on when the
headset is in use.
Quick reference guide
Press to initiate a PTT call (page 35).
Press and hold to broadcast to all extensions (page 36).
Speed dial keys
Press to review or dial a
stored speed dial number
when the deskset is not in
use (page 21).
Press to enter the lower
speed dial locations
(page 21).