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Deskset operation
You can transfer a call to the main telephone base or any other
system device.
During a call, press INT.
DIR or CID to scroll to the desired
device. Press the Select softkey.
Press 1-0 for the desired extension number,
(star key) for the main telephone base, or
# (pound key) for all.
The outside call is put on hold and the deskset shows
Calling X:Handset X Hold Line X,
: Base Hold Line X, or Calling All Hold Line X.
The other device rings and its screen shows
Call X:Deskset X.
Answer an intercom call just as you would answer a
normal call, or press INT. The outside call is still on hold
and both screens now show Intercom. You can now
have a private conversation.
From this intercom call, you have the following options:
You can let the other handset or main telephone base join you on
the outside call in a three-way conversation. Press the Conf softkey on
the deskset.
You can transfer the outside call to the other extension before the
intercom call is answered (blind transfer). Place your corded handset
back in the deskset, then the other extension automatically connects to
the outside call.
You can return to the outside call. Press the LINE 1-LINE 4 key on
the deskset.
The other person can press the line key on the original extension to
resume the outside call.
Before the intercom call is answered, you can cancel the call transfer and return to the
external call by pressing the corresponding line key on the deskset.
When a transferred call is not answered after 30 seconds, the transfer is canceled. The
external call returns to the deskset and is on hold. When the hold reminder is turned on, the
deskset beeps every 30 seconds. Press the LINE 1-LINE 4 key to answer the external call.
Call transfer using intercom
Hold Line 1
*: Base
2: Handset 2
#: All
Intercom 00:00:01
Hold Line1